Gonna get us all connected....
It was a beautiful day to get down in the valley and get spring cleaning! We teamed up with the lovely EcoSoc team from Tremough and a few really great local people popped along and joined in too! We even had the most delicious home baked banana cake delivered by another very kind local lady. 

The daffodils are indeed starting to poke their faces out, the birds were in full voice and we even found some very intriguing fungi. At first Phil thought it was a bit of red plastic but on closer inspection discovered it was a Scarlet Elf Cup. Then someone else found even more further up the valley. They grow on decaying sticks and branches in damp spots on forest floors, and can be found in late winter and early spring. Keep a look out for them when you're next walking in the valley, they're really quite small. Please do remember however, do not ever pick or eat any type of fungus or mushroom unless you are a trained specialist and know exactly what you're doing. You could do yourself a lot of harm or worse! Simply enjoy looking at how very pretty they are.

We moved all along the valley, in the river and collected way too much glass and rubbish including BED SPRINGS! The stream is now tip top sparkling again and the path and follies are looking beautiful. Unfortunately the field is still very boggy and the bridges are also back to bog again too but we hope to get down there again soon and clear them again. 
Of course the prospect of increased flooding, more deep muddy areas and even more fly-tipping from a further 200+ plus houses hovered in the back of our minds. Finding interesting fungus and hearing so many birds while looking across to the ancient woodlands reminded us just how precious and fragile Glasney & College Valley are to the wildlife and people. This is such an old and magical part of our Town and such a wonderful place to meet, connect and work with so many great groups and individuals. People are always passing and asking what we are doing and someone always has a snippet of history and a memory to share. We must not loose it.

Finally a massive thank you to EcoSoc for organising such a great day and for remembering to order some sun! Looking forward to the next one and meeting even more great people!


05/04/2015 8:35pm

Yes, we could do ourselves a lot of harm or worse!

02/02/2017 12:50pm

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06/17/2015 8:41am

This is a good project that more students should participate in. But I think before they start with the project, the organizes should explain to the students the reasons and benefits of the said project. The students should be aware of what is happening around them by letting them be involved.

02/03/2017 7:53am

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It is so nice to see communities come out like this to clean up. This will not only improve community awareness and communication but will also improve the environment.

05/03/2016 4:52pm

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