Gonna get us all connected....
Cornwall Council in partnership with Penryn Town Council and the Glasney Greenspace Regeneration Group are investing in the Glasney Playing Field throughout 2016. This is part of a multi phase project which will bring improvements to drainage, new sports equipment, repairs to the BMX track and broad-scale tree management and coppicing. 

The first phase of this project will involve tree work and coppicing across certain areas in both the Playing Field and along the footpath. Whilst this may appear severe at first, the areas will soon “fill in”. This is part of a proactive tree management programme and will benefit wildlife and help to bring more light into the area. 

The teams are very mindful of nesting birds and will ensure that every area is carefully checked before any works begin. If birds are found to be nesting, the team will move on to another section and return at a more suitable time later in the year. 

If you have any questions surrounding the tree works or the wider project please contact Cornwall Councils Environment Service on 0300 1234 202 environmentservice@cornwall.gov.ukdit.

Want to know more about Coppicing? This is a great website with info - http://www.coppice.co.uk/

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