Gonna get us all connected....
last year the GGSRP organised the May Day & May Pole celebrations. It was a pretty low key affair as we only found out a couple of weeks before that no-one planned to do it!! That said it was really well attended and, we even dressed up! Anyway we have enquired at the Council, and it would appear there is no-one to organise it this year. SO, we are happy to do it again as we think it is a MASSIVELY, (see how I emphasised the word massive there, I even stretched my arms but you couldn't see that bit), important part of Penryn's history and want it to continue. HOWEVER there is a TWIST....As we are focused and committed to the Glasney Valley we want to move the May Pole and activities to the Henge. This would also open the opportunity for more events surrounding the maypole, and we would not need to close the road. May pole dancers could dance down through the Valley to the Maypole and the whole event could be more relaxed to include picnics and games perhaps? Ultimately it would bring this wonderful area of town alive! Anyway just putting the thought out there.....What do you all think?

    Should The May Pole & May Day Celebrations Be Moved to the Henge in the Glasney Valley?